Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sexy Shocking Pics - Bigg Boss contestant 'Sunny Leone'

Sexy Shocking Pics - Bigg Boss contestant 'Sunny Leone': Smoking enough to give one a heart ambush. This is Sunny Leone, the prominent Indo-Canadian porn star who is situated to drop in Bigg Boss 5.

The mature person star's veritable name is Karen Malhotra and she hails from a Punjabi household settled in Canada. She brags of being a swinger and started her job as a porn star in lesbian pictures, but then advanced on to hetero stuff later on.

Sunny Leone is dropping in Bigg Boss 5 not as a visitor, but as a member. Which indicates that unlike Pamela Anderson's several-day stint final year, we are able to want to see Sunny Leone in the Bigg Boss house for an extended time and perhaps the considerable distance to the closure.

“I am dropping in as a member so I should be on the show provided that India needs me. In the event that I work toward getting nominated I trust individuals will vote for me to remain on the show. I think every last trace of India is holding up to see the reaction when I drop in the show. We should see what happens,” Sunny Leone is cited as expression by a news channel.

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